Show Dates: October 27-29, 2024

Stand Number 21
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Torbay Blinds Unit C2 - Broomhill Way
Broomhill Industrial Estate

The Gratton-Davey Family has been involved in the Blinds and Awnings industry since 1957. Torbay Blinds is still owned by the family, and over the years the company has grown into one of the industry's leading lights in both innovation and design. It was the first blindmaker to introduce anodised aluminium extrusion and alloy components, and became the market leader in this field. In both the Contract and Domestic market, it has shown the way with computerised bending machines, hydem tapes and much more. Torbay Blinds was the first company to design components for the Dutch and Canopy markets in alloy and myzak. This range of components called the Sunkut Systems® soon became the largest range available in the UK. In later years, with the advance of technology in the glass filled nylon industry, additional tools were commissioned to bring the Sunkut® range of components up to 59, making it also the biggest in Europe. Superbly designed by a Blindmaker for Blindmakers, the components enhance any fixed awnings or folding canopies. 

We stock an extensive range of foldaway awning systems to suit many applications from smaller domestic to larger commercial environments all of which are assembled by us to ensure the best quality possible.

Alongside our awning range we hold stock of 78 different stylish acrylic fabrics to complement our range of awnings and canopies or available as a cut length or made-up covers.

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